Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay Showcases Dual Blades and Longsword Combat

Palamutes, Wirebugs and hunts are also revealed in the extensive footage.

Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom may have offered some new gameplay snippets in its recent TGS 2020 trailer for Monster Hunter Rise. But it also hosted a livestream where it showcased various elements of the Switch title, from the Wirebug to Palamutes. Check out the gameplay footage below from 1:34:00 and 2:28:00 onwards.

The first gameplay portion sees the player hunting with Dual Blades. The Wirebug is also explained further – it has two charges which have separate cooldowns. You can also find other Wirebugs in the wild which will enable super-jumps (but for that specific point). Each weapon also has a unique way of interacting with the Wirebug to cause more damage.

The second gameplay portion features the Longsword though you can also see the player using two Palamutes instead of one (since it’s a solo session). Palamutes serve as mounts but can also fight in hunts. When taken down, they’ll exit the battle temporarily to recover before jumping back in.

Monster Hunter Rise is currently slated to release on March 26th 2021 for Switch. Stay tuned for more details.

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