Monster Hunter Rise Gets Concept Art For Starter Armor, Wirebug, And More

The art shows various aspects we’ve seen in action.

Monster Hunter Rise

With the final support for Monster Hunter World starting to wind down, it’s time to go back to a portable version of the franchise with Monster Hunter Rise. The game was announced earlier for the Nintendo Switch and will be hitting stores in March. It’s still a good way away, unfortunately, but we got some concept art to tide you over in the meantime.

Via the official Twitter, we’ve gotten a nice amount of concept art from the game, including the starter armor as well as the wirebug, which will allow you to swing around in combat. We’ve seen all of this in action in gameplay footage, which you can see through here as well as here. They also included a new piece of eerie art of a hunter at shrine ruins during a hazy and spooky night. Check them out below.

Monster Hunter Rise will be available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on March 26th 2021.

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