Monster Hunter Rise Gets New Gameplay Footage Via TGS 2020

More footage highlights all you would want from classic Monster Hunter.

Monster Hunter Rise

Last week came quite the bombshell from Nintendo with a Direct announcing not one, but two, brand new Monster Hunter titles coming to the Switch. One was the more story-focused RPG Monster Hunter Stories 2 due out Summer 2021 with the other being the more classic looking Monster Hunter Rise. While both caught the eyes of fans, Rise especially did since it saw the return of what appears to be a more traditional Monster Hunter to the handheld space after World went to consoles. And now, we’ve got more footage to check out.

Capcom saw fit to release a new online trailer for the game during TGS 2020, which you can see below. The first part is reused footage from the reveal trailer, with new footage kicking in at about 1:40. Most of it is more highlighting of the wirebug feature that allows you to swing as well as the new Palamute companion. Check it out below.

Monster Hunter Rise will release on Nintendo Switch on March 26th, 2021. The game is also said to be running on Capcom’s latest RE Engine, which you can read more about through here.

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