Monster Hunter Rise – Switch Skills, Locales and Apex Monsters Revealed

The Rampage also gets a proper showcase with NPC allies also confirmed.

Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom dropped a ton of new information on Monster Hunter Rise in its latest digital event. It showcased a new story trailer which features everything from new and returning monsters to the new Switch skills along with more details on the Rampage. Check it out below.

Along with confirming more Silkbind Attacks than in the demo, the developer also showcased Switch skills. This allows for eschewing a normal attack for a more powerful version, akin to Hunter Arts in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. The Rampage was also detailed, showcasing players setting up different fortifications, turrets and whatnot akin to tower defense to deal with hordes of monsters.

While NPCs will jump in to help during the battle, different Apex Monsters will also appear to make life more difficult. Along with Magnamalo, several monsters will be returning including Nargacuga, Rajang, Rathalos and so on. There are five locales to explore in total with each having their own indigenous life.

Monster Hunter Rise is out on March 26th for Switch with a second free demo slated for March 11th.

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