Monster Hunter Rise Trailer Showcases Hunting Fundamentals, Kamura Village Tour

Various characters and locales are also showcased.

Monster Hunter Rise

Continuing its Monster Hunter digital event, Capcom has debuted a new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise. It sees Master Utsushi providing an outline of the game, from hunting tactics to the various characters and services in Kamura Village. Check it out below.

Alongside new Wirebug attacks and Palamutes, Monster Hunter Rise focuses on the Rampage, an attack by hordes of monsters that must be repelled. Players must set up defenses, including turrets, and work with their allies to stop the monsters’ advance. In the midst of this, NPCs like Hinoa and Minoto can help, though tougher Apex Monsters will also arrive to make things more difficult.

A new demo will be available on March 11th and includes all the content from the previous one. However, this time players can take a shot at Magnamalo, the new flagship monster. Monster Hunter Rise releases on March 26th for Switch with its PC version slated for 2022.

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