Monster Hunter Rise Will Not Feature Cross-Play Or Cross-Saves Between Switch And PC

monster hunter rise

This year began with quite the bang with Monster Hunter Rise releasing for the Switch. The series has become Capcom’s biggest franchise, almost overnight, and Rise has managed to find incredible success even with just a single platform release. The game will once again kick off a new year as the PC version will come out at the beginning of 2022. Unfortunately, if you were hoping for some connection between the two versions, it looks not to be.

On the official Monster Hunter Twitter, it was confirmed that there would not be cross-save or cross-play for the base game or its upcoming expansion. There was a survey not long ago asking if people would be interested in those services between the two versions, but it seems the development process around that made it unable to do for the developer. It does leave open that it could come in the future saying there are no plans at “this time,” but it looks to be something to not expect.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on Nintendo Switch and will release on January 12th 2022 for PC. The game will also get an expansion called Sunbreak in Summer of 2022, and you can read more details about it through here.

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