Moon Samurai, Gorgeous 2D Action Platformer, Announced for PC, Switch, and Mac

No release date has been announced.

Moon Samurai

Russian developer Nunchaku Games has announced Moon Samurai, a gorgeous 2D pixel action adventure platformer set in a cyberpunk world. The game will release on PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch. While Nunchaku Games currently has no plans to release the game on Xbox or PlayStation platforms, the developers is “considering it.”  No release date has been announced.

According to Nunchaku Games, “you will play as a young futuristic samurai named Buddy. Fight your way through a dangerous science-fiction world, unravel its mysteries, and escape all the traps. Tornadic scuffles against a broad range of enemies will go hand-in-hand with exciting parkour-style jumping over rooftops, balconies, and ladders.”

Nunchaku lists Prince of Persia, Double Dragon, Comix Zone, Oni, Battletoads, and Karateka as among the game’s influences. The game also “draws its inspiration from old-school martial arts movies and cyberpunk culture.” Nunchacku Games promises Moon Samurai will have more than 50 different locations across 8 levels, several weapons, epic boss fights and a deep combat system.

You can watch a teaser trailer for the game below:

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