Mortal Shell: Complete Edition is Out Now on Nintendo Switch

mortal shell

Mortal Shell: Complete Edition is out now on the Nintendo Switch. Available only digitally through the Nintendo eShop, Mortal Shell: Complete Edition is pried at $29.99, and includes the base game along with the expansion The Virtuous Cycle.

Taking heavy inspiration from the Dark Souls franchise, Mortal Shell is a dark fantasy RPG set in a medieval setting. Players are put in control of different “Shells” as they fight their way through the game’s various levels. Each of the Shells is a different playable character with their own unique abilities as well as backstories.

Mortal Shell got its only expansion—The Virtuous Cycle—back in 2021. The expansion adds a roguelike mode to the game, featuring randomly generated levels. Players are able to make use of over 100 different upgrades from Fallgrim’s pillars, and can also play using the new Shell, Hadern, which revolves around using quick attacks with daggers.

For more details on Mortal Shell, check out our review of the base game, as well as our review of The Virtuous Cycle.

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