MultiVersus – Gizmo is Now Available, New Gameplay Trailer Released


Player First Games’ platform fighter MultiVersus has received its newest playable character, Gizmo from Gremlins. After his nemesis Stripe joins the multiverse battle, Gizmo followed after to stop him. Check out some of his moves below.

As a Support character, Gizmo can attack enemies from afar using a bow, which can be charged to inflict Ignite with shots. His little car is also available and can sail off the map (leading to some cool tech where he can jump back in mid-air). There’s also his singing, which creates projectile musical notes that harm opponents that get too close.

However, it’s Gizmo A-Go-Go that throws a wrench into combat. By attaching to his teammate’s back, Gizmo can cleanse them off debuffs, take a percentage of their received damage, buff them, and inflict Silence on enemies. All while still firing shots from his bow.

Time will tell how impactful Gizmo is, so stay tuned. Other characters slated to join the roster include Black Adam (DC Universe), Stripe (Gremlins), and Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty).

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