MultiVersus Reportedly Crosses 10 Million Players in Two Weeks


Player First Games’ MultiVersus has been quite the hit. After launching into open beta on July 26th with early access available a week prior, it’s had 10,315,804 players as per (though Warner Bros. Games hasn’t officially acknowledged the same). Currently, there are 54,071 concurrent players on PC via Steam.

The platform fighter had over 144,000 concurrent Steam players on day one, but it’s interesting to see so many players taking to it thus far. Season 1 was slated to go live on August 9th but faced a delay to a “later date.” The developer has since confirmed that Arcade Mode, Ranked Battle, and new cosmetics are coming with the season’s launch. Rick and Morty’s Morty will also be available as a new character with Rick coming later in the season.

Season 1 will feature a new Battle Pass for 950 Gleamium and, unlike the pre-season pass, 50 tiers of rewards to unlock. Reports also indicate that players can link and share Battle Pass progress. Stay tuned for more details on the same in the coming days.

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