Naughty Dog’s Druckmann Lists Punisher, Half-Life, Cowboy Bebop, And Other Properties He’d Like To Work On

I wouldn’t count on any of these ever happening, but it’s a nice list.

Naughty Dog has emerged as one of the most renowned and critically acclaimed studios in the gaming industry. Some would put them up there with the likes of Rockstar and, in many ways, they have been the most influential of the current crop of Sony first party studios, as their Uncharted and The Last of Us franchises have helped create a sort of ‘in-house style’ for Sony’s successful hits. Co-President Neil Druckmann has been a key figure in all this and has been, in some ways, the face of the company. Now, he’s also made a sort of a wishlist for established properties he’d like to work on.

On Twitter, Druckmann was asked what established IPs he’d like to make a game for. He gave 5 somewhat unexpected and slightly off the wall answers. He had two Marvel superheroes here, The Punisher and the much less known Ghost Rider. He also listed the legendary Half-Life series and the indie sensation Hotline Miami, which got a cameo in The Last of Us Part 2. Maybe the one that is the most surprising is Cowboy Bebop, the beloved anime about space bounty hunters in the far future.

While we don’t know for sure what Naughty Dog is working on next (though some recent concept art could be pointing a certain way), it’s pretty doubtful that any of this is a hint or anything, so don’t get too excited for Naughty Dog’s take on Ghost Rider or Cowboy Bebop- but now I imagine you can’t get the thought out of your head.

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