NBA 2K21 Guide – How to Use Face Scan

Here’s how to effectively get your face in the game.

nba 2k21

There are quite a few different things to master in NBA 2K21, from the new shot meter to effectively farming VC. But how do you go about using the Face Scan function to get your face into the game? The process takes a bit of work but isn’t too complicated. First off, download the MyNBA2K21 app for either iOS or Android.

When the app is installed, you’ll need to sign in on the platform that you’re currently playing on. Head over to the Face Scan option and accept the terms. While you could just start scanning right away, make sure there’s a uniform amount of light in the room. Your entire face needs to be lit up – any spots covered in shadows will cause problems. Remove glasses or anything else covering your face as well.

Once all of that is taken care of, select the Front or Rear Camera (whichever offers better quality) and position your face at the top of circle. The app will light up a few times. Turn your head slowly to the left or right and make sure that you’re looking at the camera. After the process is complete, there will be a dozen or so screenshots to choose from. Select the ones that aren’t too dark or blurry and then upload them to NBA 2K21. If there aren’t any good images to choose from, start the process over in a more ideal setting.

Head over to the MyPlayer Builder and select “check for Head Scan data.” This should load all of your images if performed correctly and it will appear as an option in MyPlayer. If not, either relaunch the game or attempt the process again.

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