Netflix’s Horizon Series Has Reportedly Been Cancelled

horizon zero dawn pc

With the likes of The Last of Us, Uncharted, and Twisted Metal, Sony has already enjoyed a fair bit of success with its TV and film adaptations of PlayStation properties, while plenty more are in the pipeline as well. Not all of them, however, are going to be able to see the light of day, it seems like.

Specifically, it looks like Netflix’s adaptation of Guerrilla and Sony’s Horizon series has been shelved. As reported by Rolling Stone, the show’s alleged cancellation comes amidst allegations of “a long history of toxic, bullying, manipulative, and retaliatory behavior” in the workplace against Steven Blackman. Blackman is best known as the showrunner of Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, and was set to serve in the same capacity on Horizon.

Whether that means Netflix will find a new showrunner for the Horizon series to move forward with is anyone’s guess, but for now, it doesn’t look like plans for the series are going to move forward- at least not in the way may had expected.

Outside of Horizon, Sony is currently working with various external partners on new or continued adaptations of its PlayStation properties, including a second season of The Last of Us, a second Uncharted movie, a movie based on Ghost of Tsushima, an Amazon Prime show based on God of War, and more.

Later this year, Sony will release a new Horizon spinoff game, LEGO Horizon Adventures, co-developed by Studio Gobo and Guerrilla. It will release for PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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