New Pokemon Snap Highlights Lental Region And Social Features In New Trailer

A look at all you can do in the latest photo taking sim.

New Pokemon Snap

After a long wait, we are finally getting a sequel to the Pokemon picture taking simulator, titled simply New Pokemon Snap. The game will come in April, but today we got a trailer highlighting the various things you can do in the game, as well as its region.

In a new trailer from the Pokemon Presents, we got a big highlight for the Lental region, where the game will take place. The video also showed some of the Pokemon you’ll be taking shots of. Much like the original game, you can do things to change their expressions or movements, such as throwing baits to get reaction shots. Your pictures will get rated based on rarity, leading to more rewards.

The game will also have a social element, where you can share pictures online, where people can like it, and those with the most likes will be featured. This is most likely the online portion that was referenced when the eShop listing went live earlier in the year.

New Pokemon Snap is set to release as a Nintendo Switch exclusive on April 30th.

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