New Splinter Cell Trademark Filed by Ubisoft

splinter cell

Splinter Cell remains one of Ubisoft’s most beloved franchises to this day, and with the stealth action series having been on a hiatus since 2013’s Splinter Cell Blacklist, calls for it return from series fans have grown louder and louder with time. Of late, leaks have suggested that Splinter Cell could indeed be on the verge of making its long-awaited return, and an interesting new development seems to suggest the same.

Ubisoft has filed a new trademark for Splinter Cell, with the application being filed on December 6. Trademark applications don’t necessarily have to suggest that a new game is in the works – just as often, if not more, it’s simply a case of companies protecting their properties – but given recent rumours, many will be looking at this filing with an eyebrow raised.

In October, it was reported that Ubisoft had greenlit a new Splinter Cell game at long last, with the project moving into the early phases of production. Allegedly, Ubisoft was also testing what could be a new game in the series prior to E3. Recently, a report claimed that the next Splinter Cell game was being built as an open world title of sorts.

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