New World Promises Adventure And Action With Launch Trailer

New World_05

After being hit with several delays, Amazon Game Studio’s flagship video game, New World, has launched. The MMORPG has been a long time in development, and has managed to garner a lot of attention already. The game hit a whooping 628,000 concurrent players on Steam, though user reviews are somewhat mixed. Whether you’ve jumped in or are just curious, Amazon has a launch trailer to try and entice you.

The launch trailer, which you can see below, shows some of the in-game action to the MMO as characters battle monsters while narration plays over. It’s not just combat, but also various activities that you can partake in. Things such as fishing, cooking and crafting are also featured. Alongside this is also praise from various outlets and streamers.

New World is now available exclusively on PC. While the studio has mentioned the possibility of a console release in the past, they recently confirmed that the game will remain a PC exclusive for the foreseeable future.

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