Nintendo Confirms There’s No Plans For Switch Price Cut In The US

nintendo switch

We’re getting close to the fifth year of Nintendo’s Switch and what a lifespan it has had so far. The system has seen an incredible turnaround for the company after the flopping of the Wii U and the soft performance of the 3DS. It’s had 33 consecutive at the top of the US’s NPD charts, amazingly, and really shows little sign of slowing down. A small revision, the Switch OLED, is also coming next month. Europe even got a small price cut for the regular model, but if you’re hoping for a similar story elsewhere (specifically in the United States), you’re out of luck.

Axios reporter, Stephen Totilo, took to his personal Twitter to say that the price cut was just for Europe. A spokesperson for the company confirmed that the main reason for the cut was for trade price agreement reasons and will seemingly not be part of any kind of universal slashing of the price. That’s probably not a huge surprise, since a universal cut would have most likely been announced at the same time, but there you go for confirmation.

The Switch is available now in both its original form as well as the portable-only Switch Lite. The Switch OLED version of the system will launch on October 8th.

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