Nintendo Significantly Ramping up Switch Production Ahead of Switch Pro Launch – Rumour

Nintendo is reportedly going to manufacture 30 million Switch units in this current fiscal year.

nintendo switch

The Switch is selling better than anyone would have expected back when it launched four years ago, and it shows no signs of stopping. And it seems Nintendo is preparing for it to gather even more momentum. Previous reports have suggested that the Japanese company is expecting record profits from hardware and software revenue owing to the launch of a new Switch model this year, and another report has now doubled down on that.

Nikkei states in a recently published story that Nintendo plans on releasing a more powerful Switch model with better visual capabilities this year that will boost sales. That a Switch Pro – or whatever Nintendo calls it – is coming later this year has been sort of the common wisdom over the last few months, with leaks and rumours stating that it will have 4K capabilities, support for Nvidia DLSS, an OLED screen, and more.

Nikkei’s report also goes on to state that Nintendo is manufacturing and shipping out 30 million units of the Switch in total in this current fiscal year. As of the end of 2020, the Switch had shipped nearly 80 million units worldwide, which means that by April 2022, that number may very well be at a whopping 110 million, if the aforementioned figure is accurate.

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