Nintendo Switch Exceeds PS4 Lifetime Sales in France

nintendo switch

The Nintendo Switch has been getting some very favorable reception from gamers ever since it was released back in 2017. Amidst a time where there is no other handheld console alternative, Nintendo’s handheld hybrid comfortably made its way into tons of households, enjoying successful sales as each year passes.

It seems French households loved Nintendo Switch a tad bit more than the other consoles. As per French news site Le Figaro (via Exputer), the Nintendo Switch’s lifetime sales in France have surpassed those of Sony’s PlayStation 4. The news comes from an interview done by Le Figaro with the director of Nintendo France, Philippe Lavoué.

According to Lavoué, the console has sold over 6.1 million units in the country, which is just about 100,000 units higher than PlayStation 4’s 6 million units lifetime sales, officially making the Switch the highest selling console in France.

Lavoué also gave a detailed breakdown of the sales, saying that the classic Nintendo Switch sold the most with 4.9 million units, along with the Nintendo Switch Lite selling 0.93 million units, and the Nintendo Switch OLED selling 0.22 million units.

Lavoué also believes that the Nintendo Switch’s sales in the country will surpass those of Nintendo Wii in the upcoming months. ”It will exceed the scores of the Wii by spring, and we are aiming for a total of 7 million sales by the end of 2022. This would be a historic performance,“ he said.

In comparison, the Nintendo Switch has sold around 5 million units in Japan.

If nothing else, this confirms that there is still interest among gamers for a proper handheld console alongside the more traditional home consoles.

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