Nintendo Switch Has Surpassed Wii’s Lifetime Sales in the US

nintendo switch oled

Even with an expected slowdown in sales in the coming month, nearly seven years into its lifecycle, the Nintendo Switch has continued to move units at an impressive rate worldwide. That, of course, applies to the United States as well, where it has, in fact, surpassed the lifetime sales of Nintendo’s previous highest-selling home console in the region.

As per a report published by Circana (formerly known as the NPG Group) on GamesIndustry, the Nintendo Switch has now surpassed the lifetime sales of the Wii in the United States. The console has enjoyed a boost to its sales in the aftermath of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s launch and its own impressive subsequent sales, and surpassed the Wii’s US lifetime sales total during the month of July.

The Switch’s lifetime sales in the United States are now just less the one million lower than those of the Xbox 360, while the gap separating it from the PS2’s lifetime US sales currently stands at less than 5 million units. One would assume that it will likely surpass them both, especially with the Holiday season coming up, and especially with the rumoured Switch successor reported to still be about a year away from release.

As of June 30, the Nintendo Switch’s lifetime global sales stand at 129.53 million units sold, making it the third-highest selling game system of all time, behind the PS2 (which has sold 155 million units) and the Nintendo DS (which has sold 154.02 million units).

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