Now-Cancelled Xbox Series S Reveal Event Has Leaked in its Entirety

You can now watch the originally planned event in full, if you want.

xbox series s

After about two years of leaks and speculation, the Xbox Lockhart – now called the Xbox Series S – was bound to be officially revealed by Microsoft in a full-fledged video that they were planning to show exclusively to the press. Before that could happen, everything about the console leaked, forcing Microsoft’s hand to reveal the console’s specs, deep-dives into its hardware, information about its price and launch date, and more.

However, that press event has now leaked online in its entirety. At this point, none of the information in there is new, with the aforementioned leaks and Microsoft’s subsequent announcements having confirmed all that was going to be shown in this press event, but if you’re wondering just how Microsoft had originally planned on unveiling the Xbox Series S to the world, you can check that out now. The entire stream can be found in multiple parts in the Twitter thread below (via @_h0x0d_).

Meanwhile, Xbox director of programming Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb has confirmed on Reddit that this video was originally a press briefing planned for journalists only, and was cancelled after the first leak.

The Xbox Series S launches on November 10 for $299, and pre-orders will go live on September 22.

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