Nvidia’s RTX Remix Allows Players to Mod RTX Features in Older PC Games

morrowind with rtx

Alongside its GPU reveals, Nvidia has also announced a new software. Dubbed RTX Remix, the software is essentially a modding tool for PC games that allows players to mod PC games into supporting RTX features.

Without going too much into the science or maths of how it all works, RTX Remix essentially allows players to tinker with various modern graphical settings in games that might even be too old to have supported these settings when they were originally released.

This means that players can now use RTX Remix to add RTX capabilities in their games of choice. This includes ray-traced lighting, DLSS, and even volumetric fog and lighting. The software does this by making use of complex machine learning algorithms.

According to Nvidia, RTX Remix will support games running on DirectX 8 and DirectX 9 games with fixed function graphics pipelines. This means that there will be a list of compatible games; examples shown in the announcement is The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind and Mount & Blade.

The just-announced Portal with RTX was also developed using RTX Remix.

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