Outriders Outlines The Mantras Of Survival In Latest Trailer

The game encourages aggression with these tips.


The 1-3 co-op action shooter, Outriders, was originally supposed to come this year, in fact being one of the first titles revealed for next generation consoles. However, it was not to be as it was pushed back to the early part of 2021 instead. The marketing for the game has continued, and at The Game Awards this year we got a trailer to give you some tips on how to survive.

The trailer, which you can see below, is labeled Mantras of Survival and includes four basic tips on how to survive in the world of Outriders. They are Cover is for Cowards, Powers on Tap, Kill to Heal and Think Aggressive. The video is also laced with some gameplay footage to give some examples of how to follow these rules. As you can see, the game wants you to play at an aggressive style among your battles.

Outriders is set to release February 2021 for most major platforms. For a look at what to expect in the post-game, take a look through here.

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