Outsiders Dev Explains Their “Old School” Approach Of Game With No MTX Or Battle Passes

People Can Fly says they aim to deliver a single, great experience.


Outriders is now a month away after a few delays, and the game’s developer has been on the marketing path to talk about it. Even before this recent run of promotion, People Can Fly have done all they could to stay away from using the ‘live service’ terminology around the game. Now they’ve explained their “old school” approach to how Outriders was built.

In an extensive Q&A roundtable interview with the press (as transcribed by Wccftech) Lead Game Designer Piotr Nowakowski was asked about the lack of any kind of battle pass system or microtransactions. He said the aim with the title was to create something in what he coined the “old school” way, meaning that they aim for Outriders to be a complete experience at launch, a delivering of the whole product without an ongoing element. He does say they are open to creating more content down the line, which as been mentioned before in pledging to not abandon the game after launch, but that it still would lack an ongoing element.

“I will say we decided to go the old school approach where we were just doing the game and giving it to the players, not thinking about the microtransactions, game passes and things like that. At some point, it was easier for us to think about our game that way. Just delivering the whole product. We are calling that the old-school approach. We are aware that most games right now approach that differently but we believe players will like that approach. Of course, it doesn’t close for us the option in the future to just add content but not like a microtransaction or game passes, more like the bigger components that can come if players will be interested want to go deeper into our world, play in that world. We love what we have created and Enoch is the world that we want to build on and add additional elements for that, but not as a form of microtransactions or game passes. It’s just a different mindset when we think about the game.”

Outriders will release on April 1st for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.

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