Overwatch 2 Hero Missions Encompass “Hundreds” of Worldwide Assignments

New objectives, new routes in established maps and much more teased.

Overwatch 2_McCree

Back at BlizzCon 2021, Hero Missions were mentioned for Overwatch 2. These were noted as a means of leveling up one’s character. At BlizzConline 2021, the development team provided new details on the same. New enemy units are one thing but these missions will also have new technology and provide “hundreds” of new assignments that span the globe.

Different objectives, multiplayer maps that have been expanded into never-before-seen routes and a “living environment” have been noted but combat is also being made more “exhilarating.” Heroes have more extensive skill trees this time and veer closer to RPGs with different specializations and builds. Of course, slight new story detailed were provided like how the second Omnic Uprising would be showcased and the aftermath of Zero Hour.

A branching dialogue system was mentioned along with “lore-rich new maps” and several choices for players to make. But overall, we’ll learn more about each character’s current situation and their role in the crisis. Overwatch 2 is currently in development for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch – stay tuned for more details from BlizzConline 2021.

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