Overwatch 2 – New Hero Kiriko’s Animated Short Has Leaked

Overwatch 2

Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch 2 launches into early access next month for consoles and PC. Along with Sojourn and Junker Queen, it will have one more new character on the roster. Though the game’s Battle.net page indicated that it was Kiriko before being changed, her animated short has leaked and confirmed the same.

It was pulled from YouTube, but a Reddit user linked to a mirror on DailyMotion with the password “overwatch.” Dubbed in Spanish, this version is a work-in-progress – it even has Johnny Silverhand’s theme from Cyberpunk 2077 as placeholder music. Nevertheless, some of Kiriko’s abilities, like a paper talisman for healing and creating an area which can boost the offensive capabilities of allies, are showcased. She can also wield and throw kunai at enemies.

How her previously teased spirit fox comes into play remains to be seen. Stay tuned for the official reveal and animated short in the coming days. Overwatch 2 launches on October 4th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC, and Nintendo Switch. It will be free-to-play early access with more maps, heroes, cosmetics, and PvE content added over time.

Battle Passes can also be purchased, though there’s controversy over needing them to unlock new heroes. Jon Spector, Overwatch Commercial Leader & VP at Blizzard, said that new heroes would be available in the free track, but more details are still forthcoming.

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