Overwatch 2 – Ranked Updates Will Only Require 5 Wins or 15 Losses in Season 3

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is making major changes to matchmaking for Season 3. Instead of examining the entire team to balance matchmaking rating (MMR), it will now more evenly match the average MMR between roles. So the Tank on the opposing team should be closer to your skill level.

Since this is a big change, Blizzard will be “actively monitoring for any unintended side effects.” It also revealed that in Season 3, the wins required in Ranked play are being reduced from seven to five. Also, 15 losses are needed to see an update to your rank.

A mid-season patch will also update the UI to provide viewable progress towards the next Ranked update. Top 500 players can also see their rank updated every match instead of going through the five wins/15 losses cycle. In Season 4, the team will remove seasonal rank resets and any current and past rank decay.

“We’ll continue to build out competitive updates in Season 4 when we add information about your current wins and losses to the competitive update screens. We’re hoping this additional context will help you better interpret changes to your skill tier and division in the update.” The team is also looking into ways to inform players about matchmaking quality.

Overwatch 2: Season 3 hasn’t received a launch date, so stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.

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