Overwatch 2: Season 4 is Live, New Trailer Highlights Battle Pass

Overwatch 2 - Season 4

Blizzard Entertainment’s latest season is now live for Overwatch 2, adding a brand new Support hero in Lifeweaver. Other features include an overhaul of Ranked play, new cosmetics for various heroes, a new limited-time Arcade Brawl, and a new Battle Pass. Check out the rewards in the Premium Battle Pass below.

New voice lines, highlight intros, and Epic and Legendary skins are available across 80 Tiers. Sigma also receives his first Mythic skin, Galactic Emperor, which ties into the upcoming Starwatch event. Premium Battle Pass owners can also receive skins for Winston, Mercy, Doomfist and Ashe that correspond to the same.

Of course, there’s a lot more to this update, including a rework for Brigitte that provides a bigger shield which stuns multiple enemies and various balance changes to other heroes. Head here for more details. Beware of the update’s file size – it’s a whopping 38 GB due to consolidating previous patches into the current client.

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