Overwatch – Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge Starts Tomorrow

overwatch mccree

Following the hero’s recent renaming to Cassidy, Overwatch will host a new challenge event centered on the cowboy. Cassidy’s New Blood Challenge is live tomorrow until November 23rd and judging by the short clip on Twitter, it should award a new Epic skin (which could be lore-related).

The format should follow the weekly challenge format seen in events thus far with players earning points to unlock sprays, icons and eventually a new Epic skin. Though winning doles out two points, losing provides one point so you’ll always be making progress. Matches in Quick Play, Arcade and Competitive Play should count towards the challenge.

While it may not seem like the heftiest content update, this will likely be par for the course until Overwatch 2 releases. Along with Diablo 4, the sequel was recently delayed to fiscal year 2023 due to Blizzard Entertainment needing more time. It’s currently in development for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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