Overwatch Experimental Mode Patch Nerfs Echo, Zenyatta and Tracer

Blizzard is looking to dial down some of the best damage dealers.

Overwatch Echo

The saga of balance in Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch has been strange, to say the least. Tanks were very good and DPS were buffed to match them. Brigitte, after performing poorly following her changes, was buffed while tanks further got buffed. Following nerfs to tanks and DPS performing incredibly well against them, the development team is now looking to dial back all the buffs that DPS heroes have received.

The latest patch updates the Experimental Mode, meaning that all players on every platform can try it out in a separate playlist. Echo’s Tri-Shot has seen an ammo reduction from 15 to 12 while her Focusing Beam duration has gone from 2.5 seconds to 2 seconds in duration. As for Tracer, her min-max damage fall-off has gone back to 12 to 20 meters from 13 to 23 meters.

Zenyatta, meanwhile, has had the projectile speed of Orb of Harmony and Orb of Discord reduced from 120 to 90. The latter’s damage amplification has also been tuned down from 30 to 25 percent. All of these changes aren’t in the core playlists currently but it seems likely they’ll be pushed through. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.




  • Ammo reduced from 15 to 12

Focusing Beam

  • Duration reduced from 2.5 seconds to 2 seconds


Pulse Pistols

  • Min-Max damage falloff rescaled from 13-23 meters down to 12-20 meters


Orb of Harmony

  • Projectile speed reduced from 120 to 90

Orb of Discord

  • Projectile speed reduced from 120 to 90
  • Damage amplification reduced from 30% to 25%

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