Overwatch Has More Legendary Skins Planned for 2022 “Than Any Year Prior” – Blizzard

Overwatch Year of the Dog_Lunar New Year

Year of the Tiger is now live for Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch, celebrating the Lunar New Year as it has for many years prior. However, many fans were quick to notice that the Legendary skins offered were far less. While three Epic skins can be earned from the Weekly Challenges, only Tracer and Mercy got Legendary skins this year.

In a statement to Dot Esports, a spokesperson for the game said that, “We understand that this year’s Lunar New Year event doesn’t have the number of Legendary skins as previous events. The Skins team is hard at work – with more Legendary Skins planned in 2022 than any year prior. We’ll share more with players on this topic throughout the year.” Of course, whether these will be doled out in Event Loot Boxes or unlocked from regular Loot Boxes remains to be seen.

As such, it’s no secret that Overwatch has been receiving reduced support over the years. Echo was the last hero added to the roster nearly two years ago and there have only been new Free-for-All maps added in the interim. The development team is currently focused on Overwatch 2 for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch, though it faced a delay along with Diablo 4.

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