Panzer Dragoon: Remake Releases on December 11th for Xbox One

Xbox players can finally experience the classic rail shooter.

MegaPixel Studio has announced that Panzer Dragoon: Remake will be coming to Xbox One on December 11th. After initially launching for Switch, followed by Stadia, PC and PS4, the remake of Sega’s classic rail shooter can finally be experienced by Xbox players. Whether it will come to Xbox Game Pass this month is unconfirmed.

Panzer Dragoon: Remake sees two dragons awakening on a strange planet. Unfortunately, the Prototype Dragon is intent on reaching the Tower and the player, with the blue dragon, must stop them. This involves flying and shooting through seven levels, battling all kinds of horrors along the way.

The remake sports improved controls, namely in the 360-degree and lock-on targeting, and visuals. Though it had a few hiccups at launch, MegaPixel has released a few updates to improve things. There’s still no update on the remake of Panzer Dragoon 2 Zwei so stay tuned in the coming months for more details.

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