Papers, Please is Coming to Mobiles on August 5th

Papers Please

Lucas Pope’s hit puzzle/simulation title Papers, Please is finally coming to mobiles on August 5th. Though available for iOS since December 2014, it’s only been playable on iPad. This will be the first time that iPhone and Android players can enjoy the title.

Papers, Please tasks players as an immigration inspector for the fictional nation of Arstotzka, checking the passports of various immigrants to decide who can enter. Successfully checking passports and documents at a quick rate will earn more money, ensuring one’s family survives month to month. However, the guidelines and requirements become more stringent over time.

Other challenges can emerge but we won’t spoil everything. Garnering widespread acclaim for its gameplay mechanics, themes and writing, Papers, Please has sold over 1.8 million copies as of 2016. It’s currently available for PC, iOS for iPad, and PlayStation Vita. Check out our review for it here and the surprisingly excellent short film here.

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