Paradox Announces The Royal Court Expansion for Crusader Kings 3

No release date was given.

Crusader Kings 3

Paradox Interactive has announced The Royal Court, the first major expansion for Crusader Kings 3. A release date for the expansion was not announced, though there is an announcement trailer.

According to Paradox, the Royal Court will allow “powerful rulers can establish the kind of court that inspires troubadours, decorating it with relics from family history and favoring subjects with the answers to their many problems.”

Establishing a court will allow players to “interact with vassals and courtiers as they come to you with their problems, seeking a royal judgment.” Players can also increase the quality of life at their own court by upgrading the quality of their food and the trappings of their thrones rooms, which will attract higher quality guests. “Talented artists, craftspeople and thinkers can work on new projects,” which will be added to the player’s court. Players will also be able to create hybrid cultures and split from their traditional cultures, as well.

All told, The Royal Court sounds like a good addition to Paradox’s strategy title. You can watch a trailer for the expansion below:

[embedded content]

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