Path of Exile 3.15 Expansion Reveal Coming July 15th

Grinding Gear Games has begun teasing its next expansion and League for Path of Exile. A new teaser has been released, showcasing numerous skulls on poles. A variety of new skills are also revealed with one seemingly resembling Soulrend but sends out Chaos-damaging projectiles in a surrounding area. Check it out below.

A closer look at the skulls will reveal the icons for different kinds of rewards. How the League mechanic will play out remains to be seen but expect the usual array of skill gem buffs and nerfs, Ascendancy changes, and so on to be doled out. However, it seems that Ultimatum won’t be added to Standard (though the developer does like its content and may bring it back later with some improvements).

The 3.15 expansion will be revealed on July 15th at 1 PM PDT on Twitch and launches for free on July 23rd. Expect it to go live first for PC and then consoles in the following week. As for Path of Exile 2, it’s slated to release in 2022 but may end up skipping PS4 and Xbox One.

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