Path of Exile 3.21 Expansion Planned for Early April

Path of Exile 2_02

Path of Exile’s next content drop, the 3.21 expansion, is planned for release in early April. Grinding Gear Games confirmed that it would be later than expected to ensure it “gets all the development time it needs and that our release schedule for the year fits nicely alongside ExileCon and release dates of other games.”

As a result, The Forbidden Sanctum Challenge League will go on for longer, though the developer is experimenting with some ideas for the final month before 3.21 goes live. The 3.22 expansion will be revealed at this year’s ExileCon, which takes place from July 29th to 30th, and likely launch two weeks later. There’s also a “lot planned” en route to Path of Exile 2.

Despite the name, Path of Exile 2 is a brand new, free campaign for the current game with new Ascendancies, Acts and regions. Announced in 2019, it was planned for release last year before facing a delay to 2023. A beta will be coming first, and we should learn more at ExileCon, so stay tuned for more updates in July.

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