Path of Exile: Ultimatum Gameplay Revealed, Legacy Content Rewards Reworked

Partake in difficult encounters with escalating rewards.

Path of Exile - Ultimatum

Along with showcasing new gameplay for Path of Exile 2, Grinding Gear Games also revealed Path of Exile’s next big league/expansion – Ultimatum. It introduces a new NPC named the Trialmaster who serves as an emissary for Chaos. Players are challenged to complete encounters and upon clearing the first set of enemies, can either collect their reward or engage in a tougher encounter for more rewards.

With each subsequent encounter, a new modifier can be added which makes things tougher. On the tenth wave, there’s a “surprise” that can await players. Of course, if one fails at any point, then they leave with nothing, reinforcing the Vaal civilization’s idea of sacrifice.

At key points, players can also find items for the Map Device called Inscribed Ultimatums. These will teleport the player to the Trialmaster’s Domain where completing the encounter allows for numerous benefits, like doubled Divination Cards, doubled currency and so on. Once again, fail and you lose your offered item. Along with the Ultimatum league, the next major patch will also rework rewards for Atziri, Betrayal, the Lord’s Labyrinth and much more. Check it out in greater detail here.

Path of Exile: Ultimatum goes live on April 16th for PC.

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