Persona 5 Strikers Gets Over 30 Minutes Of English Gameplay

A familiar sound for next year’s follow up.

The Persona series has always had a pretty good following, but with Persona 5 and its enhanced re-release of Royal, that popularity has soared. Much like previous titles in the series, it’s also already spawned several follow ups and sequels, including Persona 5 Strikers. The game originally released in Japan in February of this year and one year later will make its western debut. In the meantime, we got some English gameplay, a good amount in fact.

Despite this being provided by the French outlet JVFrance, we have over 30 minutes of gameplay completely in English. Since the game has already been out in Japan for a full year, there’s a lot of gameplay out there, but this is the first extended amount we have seen with both full English voice acting and text. On the off case you also missed Japanese footage, this is a good preview of what to expect of the mousu-style sequel.

Persona 5 Strikers will release February 23rd for PlayStation 4, Switch and PC.

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