Phil Spencer Wants Call of Duty to Come Out on Nintendo Switch

call of duty modern warfare

During WSJ Live, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has stated that he would love to see Call of Duty on more platforms, like the Nintendo Switch. Talking about Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Spencer spoke about keeping Call of Duty on PlayStation as well as bringing it to Nintendo Switch.

Call of Duty specifically will be available on PlayStation,” said Spencer. “I’d love to see it on the Switch, I’d love to see the game playable on many different screens. Our intent is to treat Call of Duty like Minecraft.”

Spencer also stated that the Activision Blizzard acquisition was more about mobile games than it was about Call of Duty.

“This opportunity is really about mobile for us,” he said. “When you think about 3 billion people playing video games, there’s onlyabout 200 million households on consoles.”

Microsoft has recently hit a speed bump in its acquisition of Activision Blizzard with UK’s regulatory body surrounding the fate of the Call of Duty franchise.

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