PlayStation CEO Says Game Pass Model Would Not Make Financial Sense For Type Of Titles Sony Makes

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All the cards are now on the table for both Sony and Microsoft’s next generation plans with yesterday’s unveiling of the PS5’s launch date and price. Both companies again find themselves about to launch new systems, but they are in two very different places it seems. While Sony seems to be on the more traditional route we’ve come to expect, Microsoft has pivoted heavily to software and subscription services, namely their popular Game Pass model. There’s been a question about whether Sony will follow suit, but it seems as of now, they don’t see the value in the model.

As reported by BBC, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan was asked about whether Sony will pursue a similar service. He didn’t go into details, but said as of now there isn’t any plans for that, saying PlayStation was all about “big blockbuster” games and that a Game Pass style service didn’t meet that model. Since there was no elaboration here, it’s not 100% clear what Ryan means, but most likely he means that a service in the nature of Game Pass would cut into the overall profit margin for their first party sales, which have increased to an incredible degree over the last decade.

Despite what Ryan says here, it does seem like Sony is at least dabbling with the idea with the announcement of the PlayStation Plus Collection, which will allow Plus members to have access to older first party titles, but it’s a far cry away from the day and date release of Microsoft first party titles on Game Pass. Will the company eventually come around to the idea? It’s hard to say, but when many of your major titles are selling 10 million or so units, you certainly aren’t in any rush I imagine.

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