Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Arc Phone, Alpha Pokemon, and Celestica Flute Detailed

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Various new details were revealed about Pokemon Legends: Arceus but there’s even more to learn courtesy of a recent blog post. This includes the Arc Phone, a device which is touted as having “some sort of strange power, and it will apparently help guide players on their journey.” Along with the recently revealed Noble Pokemon, there are Alpha Pokemon. These are stronger versions of regular Pokemon that are larger, have red eyes and are more aggressive.

As for Noble Pokemon, they each seem to “hold power not held by regular Pokemon.” The Wardens are meant to watch over them, providing offerings and ensuring no one trespasses into their territory. Some strange event is causing the Nobles to become frenzied and it’s the Galaxy Expedition Team’s Survey Corps (specifically, you) who must calm them.

Kleavor is one such Noble Pokemon and is actually an evolved form of Scyther. It falls into the Axe Pokemon category but is also a Bug/Rock type with parts of its exterior having hardened into stone. There’s also the Celestica Flute, which is used to call upon different Pokemon that can be used as mounts. Wyrdeer is great for jumping over obstacles and running fast; Basculegion can swim; and Hisuian Braviary allows one to fly (and catch a glimpse at any items below).

Finally, in addition to Jubilife Village’s photography studio, hairdresser and clothier, there are also the pastures where one can leave Pokemon that have been captured. Pokemon can be changed out at base camps and back at the village.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is out on January 28th 2022 for Nintendo Switch. For previously revealed details, check out our feature here.

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