Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Are Now Available on Nintendo Switch

pokemon scarlet and violet

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have been chugging out new mainline Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch at a regular clip, and the newest pair in that line has now arrived. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are out now, and Nintendo has released a launch trailer to commemorate the RPG duo’s launch. Check it out below.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are set in the new Paldea region, and serve as the series’ first ever fully open world outing. With three main story paths together making up the main campaign, the new entries adopt a different structure than what the series has been generally associated with. Of course, plenty of new gameplay mechanics arrive as well, including Terastallization, Tera Raid Battles, Legendary mounts, and more.

Two Tera Raid Battle events are also scheduled to go live for the game over the coming month, bringing Charizard and Eevee to the games. Read more on that through here.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are out now for the Nintendo Switch.

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