Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC Leak Seemingly Reveals Upcoming Pokemon Additions – Rumour

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero

The Pokemon Company and Nintendo recently unveiled The Hidden Treasure of Area ZeroPokemon Scarlet and Violet’s large-scale expansion, which will release in two parts over the coming months. Alongside its announcement, it was also confirmed that it would be adding over 230 new Pokemon that aren’t currently available in the base game. Now, a leak seems to have spilled the beans on nearly the full list of those additions.

As reported by Twitter user @mattyoukhana_, this leak emerges from a datamine of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. With its later update, version 1.2.0, developer Game Freak has deleted files for Pokedex entries for a number of Pokemon for the game rather than stubbing them. Interestingly enough, something similar happened with Pokemon Sword and Shield, which went on to add Pokemon as DLC after removing their Pokedex entries.

From that, nearly the entire list of the Pokemon that will be added to Scarlet and Violet with the DLC has seemingly emerged, which, interestingly enough, includes almost all starter Pokemon from previous games (barring the Unova region), though it seems like no Legendaries are included. You can check out the full list through the tweet below.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero will release for the Nintendo Switch in two parts, with Part 1 – The Teal Mask launching this Fall and Part 2 – The Indigo Disk arriving this Winter.

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