Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Gimmighoul is a New Pokemon That Hides Inside a Treasure Chest

pokemon scarlet and violet

In the lead-up to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s imminent launch, The Pokemon Company has unveiled a number of new Pokemon who’ll be making their debut in the upcoming RPG duo, from from soul-sucking ghost dog Greavard to the rotund electric frog Bellibot, from the tiny mole-like Wiglett to several others. Of course, there’s plenty more new monsters in the upcoming titles that we don’t yet know about, and another one of those has now been revealed.

Meet Gimmighoul, another new Ghost-type Pokemon (as its name may have given away). Interestingly enough, Gimmighoul comes in two different forms. There’s its Chest Form, which sees the tiny Pokemon hiding inside of a treasure chest filled with coins, and the Roaming Form, where Gimmighoul walks about freely outside of the chest.

When in its Chest Form, Gimmighoul moves slowly, but it can take control of people or Pokemon in its vicinity and make them collect coins and bring them to it. In its Roaming Form, meanwhile, the tiny Pokemon carries around a single coin on its back, though on account of how fast and skittish it is, catching one can prove to be especially tricky.

Interestingly, players have also been spotting Gimmighoul’s Roaming Form in Pokemon GO!

You can get more details on Gimmighoul in a short trailer and a much longer (and more informational) video shared via Twitter below.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are launching on November 18 for the Nintendo Switch.

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