Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Guide: TM and Recipes Locations

TM001 Take Down South Province (Area 5). 400 LP, 3xLechonk Hair, 3xYungoos Fur TM002 Charm Under a tree to the southwest of the Artazon Pokemon Center. 400 LP, 3xAzurill Fur, 3xTeddiursa Claw TM003 Fake Tears South of Cortondo near a large rock. 400 LP, 3xBonsly Tears, 3xTeddiursa Claw TM004 Agility West of Mesagoza near a cliff. 800 LP, 3xFletchling Feather, 3xOricorio Feather TM005 Mud-Slap South Province (Area 2), northern area. 200 LP, 3xWooper Slime TM006 Scary Face West Province (Area 1) Central, South of Pokemon Center. 400 LP, 3xStantler Hair, 3xSandile Claw TM007 Protect Alfornada Cavern. 400 LP, 3xLechon Hair, 3xScatterbug Powder TM008 Fire Fang West Province (Area 1). 800 LP, 3xHoundour Fang TM009 Thunder Fang West Province (Area 3), edge of Glaseado Mountain. 800 LP, 3xShinx Fang TM010 Ice Fang Middle of South Province on top of a cliff. 800 LP, 3xCubchoo Fur TM011 Water Pulse On a ledge near the Cascarrafa Gym. 1,500 LP, 3xBuizel Fur, 3xMagikarp Scales TM012 Low Kick South Province (Area 2). 400 LP, 3xMankey Fur TM013 Acid Spray South Province (Area 1). 800 LP, 3xToxel Sparks, 3xWooper Slime TM014 Acrobatics After beating the Fire Crew Team Star base. 3,000 LP, 3xWattrel Feather, 3xBombirdier Feather TM015 Struggle Bug South of South Province (Area One) on the edge of a cliff. 400 LP, 3xTarountula Thread TM016 Psybeam Outside The Great Crater of Paladea beside a tree. 800 LP, 3xPsyduck Down TM017 Endure West Province (Area 1) Central, Southeast of Pokemon Center. 400 LP, 3xGastly Gas, 3xMareep Wool TM018 Thief West Province (Area 1) Southwest of Pokemon Center. 3,000 LP, 3xHoundour Fang, 3xShroodle Ink TM019 Disarming Voice Northwest of South Province (Area Two) near a wall. 200 LP, 3xRalts Dust TM020 Trailblaze Artazon Gym reward. 800 LP, 3xPetilil Leaf, 3xHoppip Leaf TM021 Pounce Cortando Gym reward. 800 LP, 3xNymble Claw, 3xTarountula Thread TM022 Chilling Water Cascarrafa Gym reward. 3,000 LP, 3xPsyduck Down, 3xSurskit Syrup TM023 Charge Beam West Province (Area 1). 800 LP, 3xMareep Wool, 3xDedenne Fur TM024 Fire Spin Beside a tree in the Dalizapa Passage. 800 LP, 3xGorwlithe Fur, 3xTorkoal Coal TM025 Facade Medali Gym reward. 5,000 LP, 3xKomala Claw, 3xStantler Hair, 3xTinkatink Hair TM026 Poison Tail Center of Dalizapa Passage. 800 LP, 3xSeviper Fang, 3xShroodle Ink TM027 Aerial Ace Received from the Battle League Representative after defeating 5 Trainers in South Province (Area Two). 800 LP, 3xFletchling Feather, 3xStarly Feather TM028 Bulldoze Socarrat Trail. 1,500 LP, 3xSandygast Sand, 3xMudbray Mud TM029 Hex North Province (Area 1) 3,000 LP, 3xGreavard Wax, 3xMimikyu Scrap TM030 Snarl West Province (Area 60 800 LP, 3xSquawkabilly Feather, 3xMaschiff Fang TM031 Metal Claw West Province (Area 1) 400 LP, 3xTeddiursa Claw TM032 Swift South Province (Area 1) 200 LP, 3xFletchling Feather TM033 Magical Leaf North of South Province (Area Four) next to a rock. 1,500 LP, 3xSmoliv Oil, 3xPetitil Leaf TM034 Icy Wind East of Artazon. 800 LP, 3xSnom Thread, 3xSnover Berries TM035 Mud Shot Southwest of Levincia next to a rock. 800 LP, 3xSandile Claw, 3xWhooper Slime TM036 Rock Tomb After beating the Dark Crew Team Star base. 1,500 LP, 3xRockruff Rock, 3xKlawf Claw TM037 Draining Kiss On a river bank in the South Province (Area 4) East of Alornada Gym. 800 LP, 3xIgglybuff Fluff, 3xFlabébé Pollen TM038 Flame Charge Reward for defeating Team Star Fire Base. 800 LP, 3xFletchling Feather, 3xTorkoal Coal TM039 Low Sweep In West Province (Area One), alongside a rock by the mountain. 3,000 LP, 3xCroagunk Poison, 3xMankey Fur TM040 Air Cutter In West Province (Area One), atop a rock in the middle of a small lake. 400 LP, 3 xCombee Honey TM041 Stored Power South Province (Area 2) west of Pokemon Center, in olive field 800 LP, 3xGothita, 3xRalts Dust TM042 Night Shade South Province (Area 2) North, in ruins 400 LP, 3xGastly Gas, 3xMurkrow Bauble TM043 Fling Northeast of the South Province (Area Three) Pokemon Center hidden behind a tree. 3,000 LP, 3xSneasel Claw, 3xHappiny Dust TM044 Dragon Tail In North Province (Area One) atop a cliff beside the beach. 1,500 LP, 3xDratini Scales, 3xSandile Claw TM045 Venoshock At the border of South Province (Area Two) and West Province (Area One). 3,000 LP, 3xToxel Sparks, 3xSalandit Gas TM046 Avalanche Between the Glaseado Mountain and West Province (Area Three), north of Tagtree Thicket. 1,500 LP, 3xBergmite Ice, 3xSnorunt TM047 Endure Defeating Team Star Base. 200 LP, 3xScatterbug Powder TM048 Volt Switch Levincia Gym reward. 3,000 LP, 3xDedenne Fur, 3xShinx Fang TM049 Sunny Day Alongside Cortondo’s road towards the northwest exit. 3,000 LP, 3xSunkern Leaf, 3xTorkoal Coal, 3xLitleo Tuft TM050 Rain Dance South Province (Area 1). 3,000 LP, 3xShellos Mucus, 3xAzurill Fur, 3xWattrel Feather TM051 Sandstorm East Province (Area 3) Watchtower. 3,000 LP, 3xHippopotas Sand, 3xSilicobra Sand, 3xSandygast Sand TM052 Snowscape Glaseado Mountain. 3,000 LP, 3xSnover Berries, 3xDelibird Parcel, 3xSnom Thread TM053 Smart Strike South of North Province (Area Two) across the river beside the trash cans. 3,000 LP, 3xChewtle Claw, 3xHeracross Claw TM054 Psyshock East of Casseroya Lake. 5,000 LP, 3xMeditite Sweet, 3xSpoink Pearl, 3xDrowzee Fur TM055 Dig Southwest section just outside Cascarrafa City. 5,000 LP, 3xDiglett Dirt, 3xGreavard Wax, 3xOrthworm Tarnish TM056 Bullet Seed Asado Desert. 3,000 LP, 3xSunkern Leaf, 3xHoppip Leaf TM057 False Swipe Rewarded by Professor Jacq in Uva and Naranja Academy for registering 30 Pokemon. 400 LP, 3xKricketot Shell, 3xChewtle Claw TM058 Brick Break North of North Province on a small desert island. 5,000 LP, 3xMakuhita Sweat, 3xHawlucha Down, 3xCrabrawler Shell TM059 Zen Headbutt Near the Water Gym on a cliff in Cascarrafa City. 5,000 LP, 3xVeluza Fillet, 3xGirafarig Fur, 3xDunsparce Scales TM060 U-turn Added to the TM  craft list after defeating Team Star Poison Crew. 3,000 LP, 3xNymble Claw, 3xScyther Claw TM061 Shadow Claw Tagtree Thicket. 3,000 LP, 3xMimikyu Scrap, 3xKomala Claw TM062 Foul Play Team Star Dark Base reward. 3,000 LP, 3xMurkrow Bauble, 3xSandile Claw TM063 Psychic Fangs East Section of a building in Levincia City. Use a big jump to reach the item. 10,000 LP, 5xBruxish Tooth, ,3xVeluza Fillet, 3xBasculin Fang TM064 Bulk Up South Province (Area 5), on the east coast. 3,000 LP, 3xAxew Scales, 3xMakuhita Sweat TM065 Air Slash South Province (Area 1). 5,000 LP, 3xNoibat Fur, 3xFlamigo Down, 3xWingull Feather TM066 Body Slam Added to the TM  craft list after defeating Team Star Poison Crew.   5,000 LP, 3xAlomomola Mucus, 3xSkwovet Fur, 3xChewtle Claw, TM067 Fire Punch Added to the TM  craft list after defeating Team Star Poison Crew.   5,000 LP, 3xMeditite Sweat, 3xCharcadet Soot TM068 Thunder Punch Added to the TM  craft list after defeating Team Star Poison Crew.   5,000 LP, 3xToxel Sparks, 3xMeditite Sweat TM069 Ice Punch Added to the TM  craft list after defeating Team Star Poison Crew. 5,000 LP, 3xMeditite Sweat, 3xCubchoo Fur TM070 Sleep Talk After beating the Dark Crew Team Star base. 400 LP, 3xHippopotas Sand, 3xSlowpoke Claw TM071 Seed Bomb After beating the Fairy Crew Team Star base. 8,000 LP, 5xShroomish Spores, 3xSmoliv Oil, 3xBramblin Twig TM072 Electro Ball West Province (Area 1) Central, South of Pokemon Center. 5,000 LP, 3xPachirisu Fur, 3xVoltorb Sparks, 3xTadbulb Mucus TM073 Drain Punch River island between East Province (Area Three) and East Province (Area 2). 8,000 LP, 3xCrabrawler Shell, 5xCroagunk Poison, 3xMankey Fur TM074 Reflect Medali. 800 LP, 3xFlittle Down, 3xDrowzee Fur TM075 Light Screen Northeast of Artazon. 800 LP, 3xVoltorb Sparks, 3xMagnemite Screw TM076 Rock Blast South Province (Area 1). 3,000 LP, 3xChewtle Claw, 3xNacli Salt TM077 Waterfall North Province (Area 1). 8,000 LP, 5xMagikarp Scales, 3xArrokuda Scales, 3xBasculin Fang, TM078 Dragon Claw South Province (Area 6) East of Alornada, middle of Casseroya Lake. 8,000 LP, 5xAxew Scales, 3xGible Scales, 3xNoibat Fur TM079 Dazzling Gleam Team Star Fairy Base reward. 8,000 LP, 3xHatenna Dust,  3xFidough Fur, 3xSwablu Fluff TM080 Metronome South Province (Area 3) Watchtower. 400 LP, 3xHappiny Dust, 3xIgglybuff Fluff TM081 Grass Knot After beating the Fire Crew Team Star base. 3,000 LP, 3xShroomish Spores, 3xCacnea Needle TM082 Thunder Wave Mesagoza (South) from a Pokemon League Representative. 400 LP, 3xPawmi Fur, 3xMareep Wool TM083 Poison Jab After beating the Fairy Crew Team Star base. 5,000 LP, 3xShroodle Ink, 3xMareanie Spike, 3xSeviper Fang TM084 Stomping Tantrum Levincia Pokemon League Representative. 5,000 LP, 3xPhanpy Nail, 3xMudbray Mud TM085 Rest Near the pond at Los Platos. Located behind the bench. 400 LP, 3xDrowzee Fur TM086 Rock Slide After beating the Fighting Crew Team Star base. 5,000 LP, 3xNacli Salt, 3xBonsly Tears, 3xRockruff Rock TM087 Taunt Socarrat Trail. 3,000 LP, 3xMeowth Fur, 3xSneasel Claw, 3xSableye Gem TM088 Swords Dance West Province (Area 1). 5,000 LP, 3xZangoose Claw, 3xScyther Claw, 3xGible Scales TM089 Body Press In the middle of East Province (Area Three). 8,000 LP, 5xCetoddle Grease, 3xPawniard Blade, 3xHawlucha Down TM090 Spikes Between West Province (Area 1) Central and Alfornada. 3,000 LP, 3xQuilfish Spines, 3xPincurchin Spines TM091 Toxic Spikes Within a bush in Tagtree Thicket. 3,000 LP, 3xPineco Husk, 3xMareanie Spike TM092 Imprison Outside the base of Team Star’s Fighting Crew 3,000 LP, 3xZorua Fur, 3xBronzur Fragment TM093 Flash Cannon Southwest of the South Province (Area Three) Pokemon Center. Located on top of the elevated hills. 8,000 LP, 3xVaroom Fume, 3xTinkatink Hair, 3xKelfki Key TM094 Dark Pulse North Province, Area 2. 8,000 LP, 3xZorua Fur, 3xSpiritomb Fragment, 3xImpidimp Hair TM095 Leech Life Beating the Fairy Crew Team Star base. 8,000 LP, 3xSuskit Syrup, 3xKricketot Shell, 3xVenonat Fang TM096 Eerie Impulse Beating the Fairy Crew Team Star base. 400 LP, 3xShinx Fang, 3xVoltorb Sparks TM097 Fly Beating the Poison Crew Team Star base. 5,000 LP, 3xSquawkabilly Feather, 3xRufflet Feather, 3xBombirdier Feather TM098 Skill Swap Behind the Pokemon Center at the entrance of Alfornada. 3,000 LP, 3xFlittle Down, 3xGirafarig Fur TM099 Iron Head Beating the Fairy Crew Team Star base. 8,000 LP, 5xCufant Tarnish, 3xRookidee Feather, 3xPawniard Blade TM100 Dragon Dance North Province (Area 1). 5,000 LP, 3xTatsugiri Scales, 3xNoibat Fur, 3xGible Scales TM101 Power Gem Beating the Team Star Fairy Crew. 8,000 LP, 3xSpoink Pearl, 3xMareep Wool, 3xSableye Gem TM102 Gunk Shot Beating the Team Star Poison Crew. 5,000 LP, 3xGrimer Toxin, 3xVaroom Fume, 3xCroagunk Poison TM103 Substitute Behind a building in front of the Alfornada gym. 5,000 LP, 3xMimikyu Scrap, 3xFalinks Sweat, 3xAzurill Fur TM104 Iron Defense Beating the Team Star Fire Crew. 1,500 LP, 3xPineco Husk, 3xBronzor Fragment TM105 X-Scissor Socarrat Trail. 5,000 LP, 3xFomantis Leaf, 3xKricketot Shell, 3xTarountula Thread TM106 Drill Run Beating the Team Star Fire Crew. 8,000 LP, 5xPineco Husk, 3xArrokuda Scales, 3xDunsparce Scales TM107 Will-O-Wisp Beating the Team Star Fire Crew. 3,000 LP, 3xShuppet Scrap, 3xSalandit Gas TM108 Crunch Beating the Team Star Fairy Crew. 8,000 LP, 5xMaschiff Fang, 3xYungoos Fur, 3xBruxish Tooth TM109 Trick Beating the Team Star Fighting Crew. 5,000 LP, 3xShuppet Scrap, 3xSinistea Chip, 3xSableye Gem TM110 Liquidation Northwestern side of Cascarrafa atop the roof of a house. 10,000 LP, 5xArrokuda Scales, 3xBuizel Fur, 3xWiglett Sand TM111 Giga Drain East section of Cascarrafa City. 8,000 LP, 5xCapsakid Seed, 3xSkiddo Leaf, 3xHoppip Leaf TM112 Aura Sphere Beating the Team Star Fairy Crew. 8,000 LP, 5xRalts Dust, 3xCharcadet Soot, 3xRiolu Fur TM113 Tailwind West Province (Area 1) on the river. 5,000 LP, 3xRufflet Feather, 3xBombirdier Feather, 3xRookidee Feather TM114 Shadow Ball Defeating the Montenevera Gym Leader. 8,000 LP, 5xGastly Gas, 3xSinistea Chip, 3xSandygast Sand TM115 Dragon Pulse West Province (Area 2). 8,000 LP, 5xGoomy Goo, 3xTatsugiri Scales, 3xSwablu Fluff TM116 Stealth Rock On a cliff in Dalizapa Passage. 5,000 LP, 3xRolycoly Coal, 3xRockruff Rock.  TM117 Hyper Voice West of Montenevera. 8,000 LP, 5xLitleo Tuft, 3xSkwovet Fur, 3xTandemaus Fur TM118 Heat Wave West Province (Area 2). 10,000 LP, 5xGrowlithe Fur, 3xLarvesta Fur, 3xTorkoal Coal TM119 Energy Ball North of North Province (Area 1). 10,000 LP, 5xDeerling Hair, 3xBramblin Twig, 3xTandemaus Fur TM120 Psychic Alfornada Gym Reward. 10,000 LP, 5xRellor Mud, 3xRalts Dust, 3xIndeedee Fur TM121 Heavy Slam Beating the Team Star Fairy Crew. 5,000 LP, 3xCufant Tarnish, 3xDondozo Whisker, 3xBronzor Fragment TM122 Encore East of the lighthouse, where the river meets the ocean. 3,000 LP, 3xHawlucha Down, 3xSlakoth Fur TM123 Surf South Paldean Sea. 10,000 LP, 5xFinneon Scales, 3xWiglett Sand, 3xFinizen Mucus TM124 Ice Spinner Glaseado Gym reward. 8,000 LP, 5xCetoddle Grease, 3xFrigibax Scales, 3xBergmite Ice TM125 Flamethrower North of Tagtree Thicket. 10,000 LP, 5 Litleo Tuft, 3 Houndour Fang, 3 Numel Lava TM126 Thunderbolt East of Port Marinada next to a wall. 10,000 LP, 5xPachirisu Fur, 3xPichu Fur, 3xTadbulb Mucus TM127 Play Rough West Province (Area 6) 10,000 LP, 5xFidough Fur, 3xTinkatink Hair, 3xTandemaus Fur TM128 Amnesia Underground cave in North Province (Area Two). 1,500 LP, 3xSlakoth Fur, 3xSlowpoke Claw TM129 Calm Mind West of Mesagoza in South Province (Area Three). 3,000 LP, 3xIndeedee Fur, 3xStantler Hair TM130 Helping Hand On a cliff overlooking the Pokemon Center South Province (Area Three). Requires Miraidon’s/Miraidon’s High Jump ability. 400 LP, 1xEevee Fur TM131 Pollen Puff East of North Province (Area 3). 10,000 LP, 5xRellor Mud, 3xKricketot Shell, 3xPetilil Leaf TM132 Baton Pass Beating the Team Star Fire Crew. 3,000 LP, 3xEevee Fur, 3xGirafarig Fur TM133 Earth Power North Section of Asado Desert. 10,000 LP, 5xSilicobra Sand, 3xBarboach Slime, 3xShellos Mucus TM134 Reversal Socarrat Trail. 3,000 LP, 3xFalinks Sweat, 3xMankey Fur3xHeracross Claw TM135 Ice Beam On a small island northeast of Glaseado Mountain. 10,000 LP, 5xCryogonal Ice, 3xDelibird Parcel, 3xShellder Pearl TM136 Electric Terrain Center of Levincia City near the pier. 3,000 LP, 3xPincurchin Spines, 3xPawmi Fur, 3xTadbulb Mucus TM137 Grassy Terrain West Province (Area 2) 3,000 LP, 3xFlabébé Pollen, 3xFomantis Leaf, 3xSunkern Leaf TM138 Psychic Terrain Found beside a tree near a Pokemon Center, along a riverbank between East Provinces (Area Two) and (Area One). 3,000 LP, 3xSlowpoke Claw, 3xDrowzee Fur, 3xIndeedee Fur TM139 Misty Terrain On a cliff South of South Province (Area Six). 3,000 LP, 3xKlefki Key, 3xFlabébé Pollen, 3xIgglybuff Fluff TM140 Nasty Plot Requires the completion of an hour-long a side quest. 5,000 LP, 5xSpiritomb Fragment, 3xMeowth Fur, 3xTatsugiri Scales TM141 Fire Blast North Province (Area 2) 12,000 LP, 5xNumel Lava, 3xTorkoal Coal, 3xSandalit Gas TM142 Hydro Pump Received from a Battle League Representative after defeating 7 Trainers in Casseroya Lake. 12,000 LP, 5xFinneon Scales, 3xFinizen Mucus, 3xLuvdisk Scales TM143 Blizzard Received from a Battle League Representative after defeating 10 Trainers in Glaseado Mountain. 12,000 LP, 3xSnover Berries, 5xSnorunt Fur, 3xCryogonal Ice TM144 Fire Pledge East Paldean Sea island. 8,000 LP, 3xSalandit Gas, 3xCapsakid Seed, 3xNumel Lava TM145 Water Pledge In the largest island east of East Province (Area Two). 8,000 LP, 3xLuvdisc Scales,3xShellder Pearl, 3xAlomomola Mucus TM146 Grass Pledge Southwest part of the largest island in East Province (Area Two). Located alongside a lone tree. 8,000 LP, 3xApplin Juice, 3xDeerling Hair, 3xToedscool Flaps TM147 Wild Charge Beating the Team Star Fighting Crew. 10,000 LP, 5xShinx Fang, 3xTynamo Slime, 3xPichu Fur TM148 Sludge Bomb Beating the Team Star Fighting Crew. 10,000 LP, 5xCroagunk Poison, 3xFoongus Spore, 3xGrimer Toxin TM149 Earthquake Received from the Battle League Representative in Cascarrafa City after defeating 5 Trainers outside the Asado Desert Area. 12,000 LP, 5xPhanpy Nail, 3xDiglett Dirt, 3xBarboach Slime TM150 Stone Edge Received from the Battle League Representative after defeating 6 Trainers in North Province (Area One). 12,000 LP, 3xKlawf Claw, 3xRockruff Claw, 5xRolycoly Coal. TM151 Phantom Force North Section of Inlet Grotto inside a cave. 10,000 LP, 5xSinistea Chip, 3xShuppet Scrap, 3xGreavard Wax TM152 Giga Impact Towards the east of East Province (Area Two) on the smallest of two islands. 14,000 LP, 8xTauros Hair, 5xZangoose Claw, 3xSlakoth Fur TM153 Blast Burn Northeast cave in Glaseado Mountain. 14,000 LP, 5xCharcadet Soot, 3xGrowlithe Fur, 8xHoundour Fang TM154 Hyrdo Cannon Northeast cave in Glaseado Mountain. 14,000 LP, 5xDondozo Whisker TM155 Frenzy Plant Northeast cave in Glaseado Mountain. 14,000 LP, 5xSkiddo Leaf, 8xTropius Leaf TM156 Outrage Received from the Battle League Representative after defeating 5 Trainers in North Province (Area One). 12,000 LP, 5xAxew Scales, 3xDratini Scales. TM157 Overheat North Province (Area Three) next to a broken vase by the ruins. 12,000 LP, 3xCapsakid Seed, 5xLitleo Tuft, 3xNumel Lava. TM158 Focus Blast In Alfornada or in Casseroya Watchtower number 3. 12,000 LP, 5xFlamigo Down, 3xMeditite Sweat, 3xImpidimp Hair TM159 Leaf Storm Received from the Battle League Representative after defeating 4 Trainers in North Province (Area Three). 12,000 LP, 5xBounsweet Sweat, 3xToedscool Flaps, 3xTropius Leaf TM160 Hurricane Casseroya Lake Watchtower (South) 12,000 LP, 5xSwablu Fluff, 3xOricorio Feather, 3xWingull Feather TM162 Bug Buzz Reward for defeating Star Troupe, located northeast of South Province (Area Six). 10,000 LP, 5xKricketot Shell, 3xCombee Honey, 3xVenonat Fang TM163 Hyper Beam Located towards the east of East Province (Area Two), on top of the smallest of two islands. Head north over the rocky terrain. 14,000 LP, 8xDratini Scales, 5xGoomy Goo, 3xTauros Hair TM164 Brave Bird Socarrat Trail, northwest of West Province (Arena Two), on top of a tower beside Casseroya Lake. 12,000 LP, 5xStarly Feather, 3xRufflet Feather, 3xRookidee Feather TM165 Flare Blitz Located in West Province (Arena Three) behind a tree southwest of Medali. 12,000 LP, 3xCharcadet Soot, 5xGrowlithe Fur, 3xFletchling Feather TM166 Thunder Located in Southern Province (Arena Six), on top of a tower at the base of a waterfall. 12,000 LP, 5xDedenne Fur, 3xPichu Fur, 3xTynamo Slime TM167 Close Combat After beating the Fairy Crew Team Star base. 12,000 LP, 5xRiolu Fur, 3xCrawbrawler Shell, 3xMakuhita Sweat TM168 Solar Beam Located on the east side of the largest island in the middle of Lake Casseroya. 12,000 LP, 5xBounsweet Sweat, 3xFoongus Spores, 3xTropious Leaf TM169 Draco Meteor After clearing the Starfall Street storyline, the TM is received as a reward from Penny. 14,000 LP, 8xGoomy Goo, 5xFrigibax Scales, 3xApplin Juice TM170 Steel Beam Eastern part of the North Province (Area Three). 14,000 LP, 5xOrthwoorm, 3xCufant, Rest Unknown TM171 Tera Blast After Medali Gym battle and Nemona fight 8,000 LP, 8xGlimmet Crystal

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