PS3 Peripherals Could Become Compatible With PS5, as per Recent Patent


With the launch of the all-new PlayStation Plus, Sony’s handling of backwards compatibility of PS3 titles has once again come up. Though regions with cloud streaming tech can access titles, there’s no dedicated emulator for the console on PS5. So if you want to play any PS3 titles on a PS5 without subscribing to the service – or your region lacks cloud streaming support – you’re out of luck.

On the bright side, Sony could be working to make PS3-era peripherals compatible with the PS5. Game Rant discovered a new patent for “Systems and methods for converting a legacy code into an updated code” filed on June 28th by Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. Though highly technical, it features a diagram of the EyeToy, an older DualShock controller, the Sony Media Remote, and more.

Of course, this being a patent doesn’t mean that Sony is confirmed to be working on support for the same. For all we know, it could be patenting the various functions of these devices in anticipation of its rumored native PS3 emulation for PS5. Time will tell so we’ll need to stay tuned for more details.

Sony PS3 peripherals patent

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