PS5 DualSense Blue and Pink Colours Are Available Now for Pre-Orders in the UK

PS5 DualSense Color_03

About a month ago, Sony finally announced new colours for the PS5’s DualSense controller, as well as new colours for the PS5’s own faceplates, both of which have been frequently demanded since the console’s November 2020 launch. Now, with their launches approaching, their pre-orders have gone live in the UK- some of them, anyway.

As spotted by VGC, over on Amazon UK, pre-orders for the Starlight Blue and Nova Pink variants of the DualSense have gone live ahead of their launch not long from now. Of the new colours, the one that is currently unavailable for pre-orders is the Galactic Purple controller. That, as Sony previously confirmed, will be available exclusively via the PlayStation Direct website, and will be going on sale sometime in February. Interestingly, it doesn’t seem like PS5 faceplates are available for pre-orders just yet, even though those, too, are supposed to launch alongside the controllers..

Meanwhile, the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red controllers are going to go on sale sometime this month.

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