PS5 DualSense Can Work On Nintendo Switch, But You’ll Need An Adapter

PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller looks to enhance the future of interactive console gaming. An unanticipated consequence of its adaptability is twitter user BrokenGamezHDR’s short video of the DualSense working with the Nintendo Switch. Of course an adapter — namely, the 8BitDo — was used to optimize everything but, it’s definitely interesting to see. BrokenGamezHDR even shows off some short menu footage from Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for all the skeptics out there. Funnily enough, the DualSense can be used on a plethora of consoles and devices, but it won’t work with the PlayStation 4. You can see the video below.

The PlayStation 5 drops on November 12. Be to watch our unboxing video to see how massive the console is and what equipment comes along with your purchase.

[Source: GamesRadar+]

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