PS5 DualSense Support Added to Steam

But no support for haptic feedback yet.

ps5 dualsense

It’s been a while since we last saw a new controller getting as much widespread and overwhelming praise as the PS5’s new DualSense has been getting, with the controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers garnering particular attention from one and all. How well these features stand the test of time will depend on how well developers implement them, but for now, the controller’s got off to a great start.

If you have the hankering to stick with the DualSense even when you’re playing games on PC, you can now do that. As revealed in new patch notes for the Steam client published by Valve, support for the DualSense has now been added to Steam.

There’s a catch though- it seems some features aren’t supported just yet. These include gyroscopic controls, the controller’s track pad, and most notably, its haptic feedback. How soon it’ll be before they’re added in remains to be seen, but it should be interesting to see, once again, how developers choose to apply them in games going forward.

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