PS5 Pre-Orders Will Go Live “Any Day Now,” As Per UK Retailer

The retailer also says the console may not go on general sale due to limited stock.


It’s more than a little strange that this close to the launch of the PS5, we still don’t know how much it will cost or what it’s exact release date it. People are understandably getting antsy- but we do know that it’s out soon. And it unsurprisingly, as we approach its imminent launch, retailers around the world are getting ready to open up pre-orders.

In fact, UK retailer SimplyGames has recently been sending out emails to customers, telling them that they are expecting pre-orders for the console to go live “any day now”. The retailer also warns that the console might not be available through general sales owing to short supply of stocks, and so the best way to get it is going to be to register interest in pre-orders.

Sony themselves also recently opened up their own pre-order registration page in the US, and said something similar. In fact, due to the limited supply, they’ve put several stipulations for pre-orders in place, such as only allowing one pre-order to be placed per PSN profile, and approving them on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Sony have previously said that pre-orders for the PS5 won’t go live out of the blue, and that they will provide enough notice before that happens, so if pre-orders are indeed going live, hopefully an announcement isn’t too far away. Recent reports have said that another PS5 event is scheduled for mid-September, so maybe we’ll learn more about the console’s launch date, price, and pre-orders there.

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